Camp Meeting

Over the past two centuries, faithful Christians have gathered here each year for the Sulphur Springs Camp Meeting. Our best estimate is that the camp meeting began around 1820, although it may have been even earlier.

In his journal entry dated September 17, 1802, Bishop Francis Asbury wrote, "near Jonesborough . . . I attended a camp meeting which continued to be held for four days: there may have been 1500 souls present." It is unclear whether Bishop Asbury attended an early Sulphur Springs camp meeting or one of several other in the area. Regardless, the camp meeting tradition has a long history in our community.

Worshipers at the early camp meetings here gathered in open fields or under temporary brush arbors. Since 1900, the historic campshed, built on the site of an earlier shed constructed in 1845, has been the location of the camp meeting. It is an official historic site of the United Methodist Church and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also the namesake of our website.